2016 Atlanta NLG Disorientation

Creating your own progressive legal education

Every year the NLG publishes a “Disorientation Handbook” for law students who aren’t satisfied with a traditional legal education. In the words of Arthur Kinoy, famed Guild lawyer and author of the handbook’s introduction, the purpose of the booklet is to “provoke you to challenge traditional notions of how one must practice law and to suggest ways to make your three years of study more enriching and challenging.”

Disorientation Events

At the beginning of each academic year, many NLG student chapters organize “Disorientation” events to introduce the wider student body to the NLG and “people’s lawyering” in general. Whether this event is a quick meet-up of like-minded folks or a full-day event with panel discussions and workshops, it’s a great opportunity to find allies on campus. To learn more about organizing Disorientation events, or to order free copies of the Disorientation Handbook, contact Director of Research and Education Traci Yoder at traci@nlg.org.

In addition to Disorientation events at law schools, some of our larger NLG Chapters also organize citywide Disorientations for all the law schools in their area.

2018 City-Wide Disorientation Events

Chicago NLG Disorientation (Sept 8, 2018): John Marshall Law School
Washington DC NLG Disorientation (September 8, 2018): Details TBA
Philadelphia NLG Disorientation (September 9, 2018) at Temple Law School
Los Angeles NLG Student Retreat (September 15, 2018)
Atlanta NLG DisOrientation (September 22, 2018) at Emory Law
Bay Area NLG Progressive Law Day (October 20, 2018) at Berkeley Law

View the full Disorientation Manual below, or read the PDF here

Download the PDF file .